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Smooth Fox Terriers are playing around

Smooth Fox Terriers are playing around

Fox Terrier Smooth breed originates in England. This dog is very smart, quick and strong. The Smooth Fox Terrier is a balanced, well-proportioned terrier with a distinctive head that has a tapering muzzle, fiery dark eyes, and folded v-shaped ears set well up on the head, but not prick. It is a sturdy dog in that it is well-muscled and exhibits endurance, but should not appear in any way coarse or cloddy.

We have got dogs and bitches that originate in very known european smooth fox terrier kennels as v.d. Bismarckquelle, Vielfras Sapelars, Agria, Wolfheart.

Dogs from Ganis Kennel: Wolfheart Hiroya, Happy Time Kawalkada

Bitches from Ganis Kennel: Conny Canis Venator, Zorza Amudaria

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